'66 And All Those Hits
Title Artist Date Entered
Charts (BNE)
Highest Chart
S1 T1 Sing C'est La Vie Sonny & Cher 1 Oct 1965 2 Atlantic
___T2 In The Midnight Hour Ray Brown & the Whispers 22 Oct 1965 2 Leedon
___T3 Call On Me Normie Rowe 26 Nov 1965 4 Sunshine
___T4 Lonely City Tony Worsley (AUS) Unknown Unknown Sunshine
___T5 Go Go Yamaha The Spats Unknown Unknown Unknown
___T6 The Dawn of Correction The Spokesmen Unknown Unknown Unknown
S2 T1 Unchained Melody The Righteous Brothers 6 Aug 1965 3 Festival
___T2 Let's Get Together We Five (USA) Unknown Unknown Festival
___T3 Watcha Gonna Do About It Peter Doyle 20 Nov 65 (MEL) 27 Sunshine
___T4 1-2-3 Len Barry 3 Dec 1965 8 Festival
___T5 Laugh At Me Sonny Unknown Unknown Unknown
___T6 Blue Day Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs 13 Mar 1964 (SYD) 29 Parlophone