Hit Wave Vol. 3
Title Artist Date Entered
Charts (BNE)
Highest Chart
S1 T1 Soothe Me The Groove (AUS) 24 Feb 68 3 Columbia
___T2 Baby What I Mean (B-side) The Castaways (NZ) 1967 Unknown Columbia
___T3 Everybody's Girl Larry's Rebels (NZ) 8 Jul 68 (Mel) 44 Columbia
___T4 Sunshine Boy Little Pattie (AUS) 1968 Unknown Unknown
___T5 I Don't Want To Love You Johnny Farnham (AUS) 20 Jul 68 1 Columbia
___T6 The Way To Play
(B-side to Cathy Come Home)
The Twilights (AUS) 25 Nov 67 3 Columbia
___T7 You're Sixteen Grantley Dee (AUS) 14 Jan 67 40 HMV
S2 T1 Friday Kind Of Monday Johnny Farnham (AUS) 23 Mar 68 3 Columbia
___T2 Always The Twilights (AUS) 7 Jun 68 17 Columbia
___T3 Come On Over To Our Place Bev Harrell (Aus) 8 Apr 67 27 HMV
___T4 What A Terrible Way To Treat Your Baby The Vibrants (AUS) 13 Jul 68 (Mel) 32 Columbia
___T5 Love Is A Happy Thing Little Pattie & Grantley Dee (AUS) 28 Sep 68 (Mel) 20 HMV
___T6 Gee I'm Gonna Miss You Graham Chapman (AUS) 4 May 68 1 Columbia
___T7 Hide & Seek Somebody's Image (AUS) 27 Apr 68 8 Columbia