20 Chartstoppers Vol. 3
Title Artist Date Entered
Charts (MEL)
Highest Chart
S1 T1 Beg Steal Or Borrow New Seekers (ENG) 20 May 72 45 Philips
___T2 It's Four In The Morning Faron Young (USA) 24 Jun 72 4 Mercury
___T3 Jeepster T. Rex (ENG) 24 Dec 71 (BNE) 12 Parlophone
___T4 Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast Daniel Boone (ENG) Unknown Unknown Festival
___T5 Superman Alison McCallum (AUS) 19 Feb 72 10 RCA Victor
___T6 Stop Look And Listen Stylistics (USA) Unknown Unknown Festival
___T7 People Call Me Country Digby Richards (AUS) 8 Apr 72 30 RCA Victor
___T8 Rock & Roll Lullaby B.J.Thomas (USA) 1 Apr 72 48 Scepter
___T9 Shame And Scandal Johnny Chester (AUS) 8 Jan 72 1 Fable
__T10 A Front Row Seat
To Hear Old Johnny Sing
John Laws (AUS) Unknown Unknown RCA
S2 T1 Walk The World Away Al Head (AUS) 26 May 72 (SYD) 27 Generation
___T2 What Is Life Olivia Newton-John (AUS) Unknown Unknown Festival
___T3 Soley Soley Middle Of The Road (SCOT) 4 Feb 72 (BNE) 4 RCA Victor
___T4 Set Me Free Soffrok (AUS) Unknown Unknown Albert
___T5 Jesu Christo Kamahl (AUS) Unknown Unknown Unknown
___T6 Maggie Ted Bull (AUS) Unknown Unknown RCA
___T7 Suzie Sunshine Buffalo (AUS) Unknown Unknown Unknown
___T8 Chantilly Lace Jerry Lee Lewis (USA) 15 Apr 72 21 Mercury
___T9 Morning Of The Earth G. Wayne Thomas (AUS) Unknown Unknown Unknown
__T10 Follow Your Drum Don Fardon (ENG) 26 Feb 72 11 Youngblood