Steppin' Out
Title Artist Date Entered
Charts (MEL)
Highest Chart
S1 T1 You Took The Words Right Out
Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)
Meatloaf (USA) 18 Feb 78 3 Epic
___T2 You're Such A Fabulous Dancer Wha-Koo (USA) 2 Sep 78 11 ABC
___T3 Dancin' In The City Marshall Hain (ENG) 23 Sep 78 3 Harvest
___T4 Three Times A Lady Commodores (USA) 2 Sep 78 1 Motown
___T5 Hot Blooded Foreigner (USA) 19 Aug 78 24 Atlantic
___T6 Deep Inside Of Me John St. Peters (AUS) 2 Sep 78 4 RCA Victor
___T7 Substitute Peaches (AUS) Unknown Unknown Unknown
___T8 Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye) Cold Chisel (AUS) Unknown Unknown Unknown
___T9 5705 City Boy (ENG) 9 Sep 78 6 Mushroom International
__T10 I Think I'm Gonna Fall (In Love) Supercharge (ENG) 29 Apr 78 3 Virgin
S2 T1 Another Night On The Road Sherbert (AUS) 5 Aug 78 4 Razzle
___T2 I Need A Lover Johnny Cougar (USA) 24 Jun 78 5 Warner Bros/Riva
___T3 Reminiscing Little River Band (AUS) 15 Jul 78 31 EMI
___T4 Take A Long Line The Angels (AUS) 7 Oct 78 12 Albert
___T5 Nights In Paradise Jon English (AUS) 21 Oct 78 19 Polydor
___T6 One More Night Yellow Dog (ENG) 27 May 78 4 Virgin
___T7 Airport Motors (ENG) 18 Nov 78 28 Virgin
___T8 Davey's On The Road Again Manfred Mann (ENG) Unknown Unknown Unknown
___T9 Walk In The Room Sports (AUS) 15 Jul 78 21 Mushroom
__T10 Heart Of Stone T.M.G. (AUS) 12 Aug 78 13 Mushroom