15 Australian Superstars
Title Artist Date Entered
Charts (MEL)
Highest Chart
S1 T1 Love The One You're With Sherbet (AUS) Album Track c1972 - Infinity
___T2 Ride A White Swan New Dream (AUS) Unknown Unknown Festival
___T3 What I Want Lobby Lloyd (AUS) Album Track c1971 - Infinity
___T4 Yesterday's Music Jeff St John (AUS) Unknown Unknown Infinity
___T5 Sunny Day Chain (AUS) Unknown Unknown Infinity
___T6 Superstar Colleen Hewett (AUS) 26 Jun 71 13 Festival
___T7 Goodbye Baby Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs (AUS) Album Track c1972 - Infinity
S2 T1 Never Goin' Back (To Nashville) Country Radio (AUS) Album Track c1972 - Infinity
___T2 Reach For The Sun Johnny Young & The Young Talent Team (AUS) 25 Nov 72 36 Festival
___T3 The Battle Of The Blue And Grey Bee Gees (AUS) Unknown
(released Mar 63)
Unknown Leedon
___T4 Shame Greg Anderson (AUS) Unknown
B-side c1972
Unknown Festival
___T5 (You've Got Me) Dangling On A String Johnny O'Keefe (AUS) Unknown Unknown Festival
___T6 Nights In White Satin Samael Lilith (AUS) Unknown
(released 1969)
Unknown Du Monde
___T7 Midnight Sunshine Ronnie Burns (AUS) Album Track c1972 - Festival
___T8 Get It On Blackfeather (AUS) Album Track c1972 - Infinity