King Of Pop '74-'75
Title Artist Date Entered
Charts (MEL)
Highest Chart
S1 T1 Rock Me Baby David Cassidy (USA) 16 Sep 72 17 Bell
___T2 I Am Woman Debbie Byrne (AUS) 1974 Unknown Unknown L & Y
___T3 Jenny Jamie Redfern (AUS) 1974 Unknown Unknown Festival
___T4 Sit Yourself Down Colleen Hewett (AUS) 1973 Unknown Unknown Festival
___T5 Don't You Known It's Magic Johnny Farnham (AUS) 16 Dec 72 4 HMV
___T6 Games People Play Allison Durbin (NZ) 29 Mar 69 3 Columbia
___T7 Every Mother's Son Brian Cadd (AUS) 21 Apr 73 30 Bootleg
___T8 You've Got The Gun Sherbert (AUS) 24 Feb 73 15 Infinity
___T9 Evie Part 1 Stevie Wright (AUS) 1 Jun 74 1 Albert
___T10 Neither One Of Us Linda George (AUS) 14 Apr 73 11 Image
S2 T1 Always Yours Gary Glitter (ENG) 20 Jul 74 9 Bell
___T2 You've Got A Friend Debbie Byrne (AUS) Unknown Unknown Unknown
___T3 Hello Funny Face Jamie Redfern (AUS) 1973 Unknown Unknown Festival
___T4 Superstar Colleen Hewett (AUS) 26 Jun 71 13 Festival
___T5 Comic Conversation Johnny Farnham (AUS) 10 Oct 70 9 Columbia
___T6 Higher And Higher Normie Rowe (AUS) 1974 Unknown Unknown Festival
___T7 Cassandra Sherbert (AUS) 22 Sep 73 8 Infinity
___T8 Thank God You're Here With Me Benjamin Hugg (AUS) 6 Jul 74 15 Astor
___T9 Orchestra Ladies Ross Ryan (AUS) 1974 Unknown Unknown EMI
___T10 Keep On Rocking Brian Cadd (AUS) 1973 Unknown Unknown Bootleg