Supercharged Hits
Title Artist Date Entered
Charts (MEL)
Highest Chart
S1 T1 American Woman The Guess Who (CAN) Unknown Unknown RCA
___T2 Western Union Man Max Merritt And The Meteors (NZ) 15 Nov 69 5 RCA
___T3 Everybody's Talkin' Nilsson (USA) 01 Nov 69 25 RCA
___T4 Sugar Sugar The Archies (USA) 16 Jun 69 5 RCA
___T5 In The Year 2525 Zager And Evans (USA) 26 Jul 69 5 RCA
___T6 I'm A Believer The Monkees (USA) 14 Jan 67 2 RCA
___T7 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Hugo Montenegro And His Orchestra (USA) 20 Apr 68 2 RCA
___T8 Grazing In The Grass The Friends Of Distinction (USA) Unknown Unknown RCA
___T9 Aquarius Ronald Dyson And The "Hair" Company (USA) 14 Jan 67 2 RCA
S2 T1 Bang-Shang-A-Lang The Archies (USA) 26 Oct 68 11 RCA
___T2 Come Back And Shake Me Clodagh Rodgers (IRE) 05 Jul 69 45 RCA
___T3 Oh My My The Monkees (USA) 11 Jul 70 29 RCA
___T4 Get Together The Youngbloods (USA) 25 Oct 69 9 RCA
___T5 Ain't Got No; I Got Life Nina Simone (USA) Unknown Unknown RCA
___T6 I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City Nilsson (USA) 29 Nov 69 32 RCA
___T7 Love Theme From Romeo And Juliet Henri Mancini And His Orchestra (USA) 23 Aug 69 1 RCA
___T8 Son Of A Simple Man Jon Blanchfield (AUS) Unknown Unknown RCA
___T9 No Time The Guess Who (CAN) 4 Apr 70 15 RCA