Fable From The Beginning
Title Artist Date Entered
Charts (MEL)
Highest Chart
S1 T1 The Pushbike Song The Mixtures (AUS) 5 Dec 70 1 Fable
___T2 Old Man Emu John Williamson (AUS) 27 Jun 70 1 Fable
___T3 Highway 31 Johnny Chester (AUS) 20 Dec 69 20 Philips
___T4 Union Silver Bill and Boyd (NZ) 1975 Unknown Unknown Fable
___T5 Butterfly Matt Flinders (AUS) 18 Sep 71 4 Fable
___T6 Through The Eyes Of Love Bobby & Laurie (AUS) 31 Oct 70 3 RCA Victor
___T7 Everybody's Reaching Out For Someone Liv Maessen (AUS) 1975 Unknown Unknown Fable
___T8 Let Go Brian Cadd (AUS) 28 Sep 74 22 Bootleg
___T9 Catfish John The Hawking Brothers (AUS) 17 Feb 73 13 Fable
___T10 Boom Sha La-La-Lo Hans Poulsen (AUS) 9 May 70 8 Fable
S2 T1 Up There Cazaly The Two-Man Band (AUS) 7 Jul 79 1 Fable
___T2 Waterloo Road Smacka Fitzgibbon (AUS) Unknown Unknown Fable
___T3 A Little Boy's Christmas Prayer Keith McGowan (AUS) 1 Dec 79 11 Fable
___T4 Melanie Makes Me Smile The Strangers (AUS) 11 Jul 70 9 Fable
___T5 Knock Knock, Who's There Liv Maessen (AUS) 2 May 70 3 Fable
___T6 She's My Kind Of Woman Johnny Chester (AUS) 20 Apr 74 9 Fable
___T7 Henry Ford The Mixtures (AUS) 1971 Unknown Unknown Fable
___T8 You Matt Flinders (AUS) 19 Feb 72 7 Fable
___T9 Julianna The Hawking Brothers (AUS) 1974 Unknown Unknown Fable
___T10 Curly Jimmy Hannan (AUS) 9 May 70 28 Fable