Hard Knocks
Title Artist Date Entered
Charts (MEL)
Highest Chart
S1 T1 Hard Knocks
(B-side to Billy Baxter)
Paul Kelly & The Dots (AUS) 1980 Unknown Mushroom
___T2 Evie Part One Stevie Wright (AUS) 1 Jun 74 1 Albert
___T3 Most People I Know
Think That I'm Crazy
(Not the original version)
Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs (AUS) 26 Feb 72 1 Havoc
___T4 Who Listens To The Radio Sports (AUS) 11 Nov 78 24 Mushroom
___T5 I Remember When I Was Young Matt Taylor (AUS) 27 Oct 73 3 Mushroom
___T6 My Little Angel William Shakespeare (AUS) 14 Dec 74 7 Albert
___T7 Breakfast At Sweethearts Cold Chisel (AUS) Unknown (1979) Unknown Elektra
___T8 Take A Long Line Angels (AUS) 7 Oct 78 12 Albert
___T9 When The Heat's Off
(B-side to Hearts On The Nightline)
Richard Clapton (AUS) Unknown (1979) Unknown Interfusion
S2 T1 High Class Woman John St. Peeters (AUS) 23 Dec 78 25 RCA
___T2 The Fugitive Kind Mondo Rock (AUS) 21 Oct 78 (BNE) 26 Oz
___T3 Way Out West Dingoes (AUS) 24 Nov 73 25 Mushroom
___T4 Where The Action Is John Paul Young (AUS) Unknown (1977) Unknown Albert
___T5 Birmingham
(from album "Hero")
John Paul Young (AUS) Unknown (1975) Unknown Albert
___T6 High Voltage AC/DC (AUS) 19 Jul 75 6 Albert
___T7 Heading In The Right Direction Renee Geyer Band (AUS) 6 Dec 75 15 RCA/Mushroom
___T8 Howzat Sherbet (AUS) 22 May 76 1 Infinity
___T9 Don't Let It Get To You Daryl Cotton (AUS) 23 Sep 78 22 Oz